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It's Easy with Shurlington Jewelry & Pawn

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When you don't want to part with valuable items that may have sentimental value, but need a quick financial pick me up, we'll work with you on a loan that's fair to us, but also fair to you. Stop in today and we'll see what we can do.

Low interest rates found here

If it has value and does not require storage or a title, we'll take a look at your item and see if we can work out a loan deal. If we can, we'll always be fair.


We offer rates of 25% for 1-3 months and only 12.5% for month 4 and more. We even offer loan incentives. Pay it off within 7 days and your interest will be cut in half.

Flexible terms and payments

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Whether you need 7 days to pay your loan back or 90, we're here to make things fair. We'll still work with you to make sure your cherished items are kept in top shape and returned to you once again. Take advantage of our flexible due dates that make loan work with us painless and easy.


When you choose Shurlington Jewelry & Pawn for your loan, you're choosing a fair deal and integrity.

Bring us almost anything for a loan, to pawn, or to sell. We work with a host of general merchandise items every day.

Get cash when you need it with our flexible loans!

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